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Stop the rezoning of 1950 Benton Blvd.


Important: Please include your street address in the comment section so they know that you are a member of this community.


You may remember that in 2017 the owner of 1950 Benton Boulevard (depicted above, a little over 120 acres and adjacent to our community) petitioned the city of Savannah to rezone the entire property to Light Industrial.  Residents in our community banded together and let the City know, in no uncertain terms, that we did not want our community to become an industrial zone with more warehouses and a significant increase in tractor-trailer traffic.  Thankfully, the city listened to us and denied the rezoning.

In 2019, after the City said 1950 Benton Blvd. would not be rezoned to Light Industrial, the property was sold.  It has come to our attention that the new owner is planning to ask the City once again to rezone the property to Light Industrial!  Sources have said that the intent of the rezoning is to permit the construction of a very large, multi-story warehouse or sorting center, which will undoubtedly impact our community, by increasing tractor-trailer traffic and potentially driving down property values because of its effect on our community’s aesthetics.   The property is zoned for commercial use and the future land use map designates it for commercial use, as well.  The thousands of residents who have purchased property in our community did so with the expectation that this large tract of land would eventually be developed for commercial use, not as an industrial warehouse/sorting center with potentially thousands of employees and hundreds of tractor-trailer trucks coming and going on a daily basis. 

Please click the link above to sign our petition to let the City know if you oppose this rezoning.  As a resident of our community you deserve to be heard.  Please include your street address in the comment section so they know that you are a member of this community and a resident of Savannah.